"because it's new each time. each time is a different experience."

I dream every night!

this is a great place to record everything memorable that I dream- good or bad

shit in my head's crazy. yo. enjoy


Last night, I dreamed I was a fly. I think I got it from the episode in Breaking Bad I watched a couple of weeks ago. I was in a Fruit Loop factory and I had been jumped off because a supervisor was just talking about contamination. In order to avoid death I jumped and fell multiple floors. Later I was a human in that facility. The also had a hotel/ nail salon inside I guess. The lady showing me the nail options took me the the display case but it was just full of tiny statues of woodland creatures. I spent the night in some little corner while waiting for my appointment. Janky. Unrealated, but at some point I did dream about a stabbing using a knitting needle. Told y'all I was crazy!


There was an elephant that was, instead of the arm on the truck, carrying the garbage from the ground into the top of the truck using it's trunk. My fmily was in my bedroom and I could see the elephant from my window. I called for my brother because I know he really likes elephants. He was unimpressed and wouldn't litsen but then he finally did come outside with the rest of us and pet the elephant. The elephant's owner told us that his elephant loves to do this job and the waste company was nice enough to let him sub in for the garbage men for just our block.


Something about going inot my pantry and picking out Hello Kitty nail gems? I never even did my nails in the ream but I was fillled with joy by just looking at the little things. I think I was in some type of restaurant too.


I was brushing my teeth walking through this apartment building without walls. Like the hallways just went into people's houses and I was brushing my teeth casually walking around when I realized I was in someone's kitchen so I turned around and the lady whose house it was, was standing holding the door open escortin me out. I went back to the lobby and the building was a huge mansion. There were birds inside though, they were getting in through a hole in the stained glass but I really didn't mind. Me and other freshmen were preforming a musical number that continued on outside. Suddenly, we had drew a big crowd. We were up really high on these steps leading up to the front door everyone could see us from. It was really cold. Then after it was done I sat with my Mom on the curb where she was watching me from and I saw the building. It was tiny and in the spot of a farmiliar barber shop down the street from my house. It was like the other half of this mansion. The same sign in the front, just Mid-West sized.


All I remember is screaming "Twat!" multiple times at someone. I don't think I was in any duress, it might've been a joke.

Also can I just mention I fucking hear shit when I'm trying to sleep? Like the last couple nights especially I'm almost asleep and I'll sorta hear something. And then I'll sit for a couple seconds and realize I'm alone and shouldn't be hearing anything, so I snap out of it and look around and nothing is out of the ordinary. I've heard my name in the past, sirens, questions asked, and maybe my door knob moving? It's hard to remember anything because it happens when I'm barely awake. I don't know what it is or if it's even real. Only in October. It's creepy and I don;t know what to think sbout it. Half of me has to see something to believe it, and I won't let myself be frightened by someting I cannot see. However the other half of me thinks some type of apparition is coming to me when I'm most suseceptible. Whatever baby, thats showbiz!


There were Yu-Yu-Hakusho characters walking around and I was naming them to somebody. They were in teams of 5 like in the Dark Tournament arc. Then I was customizing Mii characters. The person I was talking to was wearing yellow. I was customizing it on a hologram. I was in the park and turned the cornor and there was a basketball game happening on the bridge. Something about Kyle Kuzma hitting a three. Later, I was making mozzerella sticks for Chris Pratt. Then, I took a couple out of the basket, broke them in half, and dipped them in it's sauce, and as I brought them to my face I shook awake. The rest of my dream was in 3rd person but that one part was in 1st.


There was a girl and a guy. Like my parents age I guess. She looked like me, she was wearing my pajamas. We were all in my Dads house. I was swithing which wall I faced, and she was sitting behind me each time. She had a gun. I left her there to find the guy but I couldn't find him so I laved on the couch. I watched a teacher carry boxes from one room to the other by passing through the living room. I was getting flashes in my head of chicken nuggets being made out of pink goop. I went downstairs and found a bunch of people in suits around a Gatsby-esque pool. I was running around the pool, sliding on the water. Then I saw my dog go through the same course as I did. Then I saw the lady float backwards down the hall while staring at me. She got to the place in the kitchen where the heat comes out and here lover was there with her. She moved like she was on a track, and clicked into place, holding hands with him. Then they both got smaller and smaller, chanting something I couldn't understand. The got so small, then disappeared down the grate. Once they left, a counter came up in the bottom left corner. In white letters it went from 10 to 2. I woke up looking down at my feet. I was wearing christmas socks.